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BeresfordErinAmber Valley & EAC100mu15
BeresfordErinAmber Valley & EAC300mu15
SmithMarthaChesterfield & DACLong JumpU12
SmithMarthaChesterfield & DAC75mU12
SmithMarthaChesterfield & DACHowlerU12
SmithMarthaChesterfield & DAC600mU12
BiggsSummerAmber Valley & EACLong JumpU12
BiggsSummerAmber Valley & EAC75mU12
BiggsSummerAmber Valley & EACHowlerU12
BiggsSummerAmber Valley & EAC600mU12
LongGraceBurton AC100mu17
LongGraceBurton AC200mu17
DouglasIslaAmber Valley & EAC100mu13
DouglasIslaAmber Valley & EAC600mu13
CoulsonSamuelDerby AC100mu20
CoulsonSamuelDerby AC200mu20
CoulsonRichardDerby ACShot (Under 9m)v50
CoulsonRichardDerby ACDiscus (under 30m)v50
BuxtonScarlettCity of Stoke ACLong Jumpu11
BuxtonScarlettCity of Stoke AC75mu11
BuxtonScarlettCity of Stoke ACHowleru11
BuxtonScarlettCity of Stoke AC600mu11
BuxtonSebastianCity of Stoke AC600mu11
HawksworthBarryDerby ACShot (over 9m)v75
HawksworthBarryDerby ACDiscus (over 30mv75
DavisCaraDerby AC100mu17
DavisCaraDerby ACShot (over 9m)u17
HarrisonFrederickDerby AC1500mu15
ClarkeIsaacCity Of StokeLong Jumpu11
ClarkeIsaacCity Of Stoke75mu11
ClarkeIsaacCity Of StokeHowleru11
ClarkeIsaacCity Of Stoke600mu11
LoweBenjaminMansfield H & AC200mu17
LoweBenjaminMansfield H & AC300mu17
Sawczuk-WoodSamuelDerby AC3000mu20
Sawczuk-WoodSamuelDerby AC1500mu20
WatsonSamuelDerby AC3000mu17
WatsonSamuelDerby AC1500mu17
PepperEllieDerby ACLong Jumpu11
PepperEllieDerby AC75mu11
PepperEllieDerby ACHowleru11
PepperEllieDerby AC600mu11
MossJoeAmber Valley & EAC100mu15
MossJoeAmber Valley & EAC200mu15
WoolleyJensonDerby ACLong Jumpu11
WoolleyJensonDerby AC75mu11
WoolleyJensonDerby ACHowleru11
WoolleyJensonDerby AC600mu11
TurnerKyrieChesterfield athletic club600mu13
TurnerKyrieChesterfield athletic clubShot (Under 9m)u13
TarbitTrevorDerby ACDiscus (over 30mv50
TarbitShayDerby ACDiscus (over 30msen
HuntleyMillieNotts AC1500mu17
HuntleyMillieNotts ACDiscus (under 30m)u17
WatsonJacobDerby ACShot (over 9m)u17
WatsonJacobDerby ACDiscus (under 30m)u17
ThompsonIsabelStoke City AC75mu11
ThompsonIsabelStoke City AC600mu11
HilditchDanielCity of Stoke AC1500mu20
HamiltonShaunaCity of Stoke AC1500mu15
HamiltonMurphyCity of Stoke AC3000mu17
SmithIsabellaBurton AC100mu17
HumphreySophieAmber Valley & EACLong Jumpu11
HumphreySophieAmber Valley & EAC75mu11
HumphreySophieAmber Valley & EACHowleru11
HumphreySophieAmber Valley & EAC600mu11
EardleyDarceyCity of Stoke ACLong JumpU12
EardleyDarceyCity of Stoke AC75mU12
EardleyDarceyCity of Stoke ACHowlerU12
EardleyDarceyCity of Stoke AC600mU12
FrearsonEdenCity of Stoke ACLong Jumpu11
FrearsonEdenCity of Stoke AC75mu11
FrearsonEdenCity of Stoke ACHowleru11
FrearsonEdenCity of Stoke AC600mu11
SchoemanLukeDerby AC100msen
SchoemanLukeDerby AC200msen
HiscocksIslaAmber Valley & EAC100mu17
HiscocksIslaAmber Valley & EAC200mu17
DeakinEvieCity of Stoke ACLong Jumpu11
DeakinEvieCity of Stoke AC75mu11
DeakinEvieCity of Stoke ACHowleru11
DeakinEvieCity of Stoke AC600mu11
RathlingMayaDerby AC100mu17
RathlingMayaDerby AC200mu17
McMillanMollyDerby ACShot (Under 9m)u13
McMillanMollyDerby ACDiscus (under 30m)u13
MuskosDominicDerby AC3000mu20
MuskosDominicDerby AC1500mu20
SegalOsnielDerby AC75mu13
SegalOsnielDerby AC600mu13
MelenOscarChesterfield & DACShot (Under 9m)u13
MelenOscarChesterfield & DACDiscus (under 30m)u13
ArnoldRubyAmber Valley & EACShot (Under 9m)u13
ArnoldRubyAmber Valley & EACDiscus (under 30m)u13
LimmerJoelRetford ACShot (Under 9m)u20
LimmerJoelRetford ACDiscus (under 30m)u20
PontyIsobelDerby AC75mu13
PontyIsobelDerby AC600mu13
LimmerSamuelRetford AC1500mu17
LimmerHollyRetford AC1500mu17
RedpathAbigailBurton AC75mu15
RedpathAbigailBurton AC100mu15
PontyBarneyDerby AC100mu15
PontyBarneyDerby AC200mu15

To enter our opens you need to supply your England Athletics’ Athlete Number – if you can’t remember it, use the button to search for it on the England Athletics website